This is ratemyrec script!

This was made to replace using the private upload sites (which deletes the file after an amount of time)
to give out levs or recs for everyone (pasting in #across), please use the extra 5 seconds it takes to upload
the rev or lev here instead.

With this script, you can rate a bunch of replays, which has been uploaded by other users
In order for you to be able to rate replays, you have to make a user and log in, but after you've
done that, you can also upload your own replays and have them rated.

This script is made by Viper_KillerGuy @ and was released 21. december 2003
Idea and testing by Toaster @, sweet idea.
The design was donated by skint0r @, thanks mate

In order to rate a replay, you have to that recs statpage, and be logged in
replay statspages can be found various places, reclist, rectop10list, and there's a drop-down box
in the users private statspage of the replays that user have made

do i need to add anything else here?
And remember to comment if you rate a rec differant than what the others has, otherwise you'll proberly
just get flamed.
And if you haven't completed the level in your rec please set time to 10:00:00
And if it's a special lev, ex. where you jump as long as possible, count from the right and op
ex. 28 apples/points/elma-miles = 00:00:28 and 195 apples/points/elma-miles = 00:01:95'