This is ratemylev script!

This was made to replace using the private upload sites (which deletes the file after an amount of time)
to give out levs or recs for everyone (pasting in #across), please use the extra 5 seconds it takes to upload
the rev or lev here instead.

With this script, you can rate a bunch of levels, which has been uploaded by other users
In order for you to be able to rate levels, you have to make a user and log in, but after you've
done that, you can also upload your own levels and have them rated.

This script is made by Viper_KillerGuy @ and was released 8. december 2003
Idea and testing by Toaster @, sweet idea.
The design was donated by skint0r @, thanks mate

In order to rate a level, you have to that levs statpage, and be logged in
levels statspages can be found various places, levlist, levtop10list, and there's a drop-down box
in the users private statspage of the levels that user have made

do i need to add anything else here?
Here's a sweet description on how onlainari do his reviews, I encourage everybody to review the same way.
And remember to comment if you rate a lev differant than what the others has, otherwise you'll proberly
just get flamed.
About rating lev0rz: I started to think how i vote... Heres how at least i think I vote levs.

* I play them at least until I finish them or at least has taken all the apples and see the flower,unless it takes too long time,then i could rate it even without not-even close finish,if it is some long adventure lev or smth like that. If it is short one,then gotta hoyl and see the better style and how it goes :p at least 10min to play to rate any level.

* grades: 0 = level is quality of a bad battle level,someone has made a quick battle level to satisfy some battlers need at 4am. level just has some polygons here and there and some basic route/trick

1 = no effort on level. Quickly done "battle" level that is totally boring,non-sense

2 = short "battle" level which has nothing inspiring. Usually these levs are done in editor in 20minutes maximum. Nothing to say for this level except "yawn". "I won't play this lev anymore,new battle when?"

3-4 = TEH bad level. Probably has bad elements of n00bishism -> bad gravity usage, invisible polygons etc.. These levels might have some pictures attached but no effort has been put making it.

5 = Ok this GRADE I will give to a level for many reasons. Lets say it straight that you can get a grade 4 or a 5 ONLY by taking time on your level making and use (especially) grass and maybe pictures. -you have gained already at least 5 for rating, you can only screw it up with adding the boringness into it. 5 is an ok lev to hoyl for awhile but not any longer. Most likely levels that has that grass in it will get better,because in that case they have also added some cool creativity.

6-9 = grades of good levels, depends very much how I feel the level,how it fits to my taste. These levs has the good elements of elma level and that makes mi want to ride the best time.

10 = something genious and patiently done with all the indications to pleasure to play. These levels make you smile. Grass etc stuff like LOMs could possibly get 10 from me if it is mega fun to play :p BarteKs snus level was fantastic but it didnt look so "clean" & finished.