24 may 2004 09.34

A few new things this time. First we have a new face on the Oldschool table. With an excellent time on Hang Tight psycho-mantis makes his debut on this table. Congrats and welcome to him 8)


Next we have a bunch of new times by RaLaWo. No less than 5 new n00b-recs from him. Check out the new cool times on the n00btable. congrats to RaLaWo. 


The Lost-table has been updated with a single new time. I was playing a little Lost29, and one ride went pretty good 8).. check out the time on the table 


Viper KillerGuy has been very productive lately and I would like to direct your attention to this site created by him. Soon the name www.elastomania.dk will direct to this site instead. I really encourage you to use this site, support it and make it into an active place, for all the danish kuskit.. 




23 april 2004 08.22

Im sorry that so much time has passed since the last update, alas, there is a reason. For quite a few years I have managed this site, but the time is almost over. For the last year or so, my interest has been slowly decreasing, and now itīs so low that I have decided to stop. I will not stop hanging around the scene, but the regular updating of the site, by me, will soon stop. The reasons are many, ranging from a new job, to a natural change of interests. 

I do,  however, think that a complete stop of this site would be a shame. The danish lists, and the few contests seem definitly worth saving. The lists could undergo a change, such as an automated upload system. I will inform when I know more, as these options are only ideas atm. If you have any ideas, plz write me...

Until I have found a new system I will try to update as regularly as possible.. no more 1 month brakes 8)


Which brings me to the next point

.. If you wish to contact me plz do so on the old adress acrossdk@hotmail.com . My adresses elastomania@gyxi.dk and guyb@gyxi.dk are no more. The server has had some financial trouble as of late, and not long ago, it was decided to terminate it. Any mails sent to that adress will NOT be recieved by me. So send ALL mails to acrossdk@hotmail.com . thank you


I do, however,  have some good thing for you also, as mails with new times have found my way from time to time.


The oldschool contest has been updated. With a single time by Ramone and no less than 8 new times by Bartek, team CF shows that they can do more than design the best levels in the world. They can also make the insanest rides in them. Congrats to them both. 8)


Also, trying the level in Across-contest Ramone showed great skill and beat the old record with no less than 18 seconds. That is what you can call a manifesto of skill. Congrats to him 8)


I know of a few more mails that I had recieved before gyxi closed, but unfortunately I can no longer access them, so to the people who had sent in times, plz do so again... sorry about the inconvenience







17 marts 2004 11.33

I´ve got some sweet times for you this time, so read on and enjoy skill at its best


Firstly, the Oldschool contest has been updated. This contest is an old classic which, from time to time, gets new times driven in it. This time Krychek, one of hungariest finest kuskit, made an insane time in Steppes. Driving all the way around the level, he finished below 30 seconds, breaking the mark for the first time in this contest. Congrats to him 8)

Over one year ago BarTek started a project. The goal of the project was to assemble the best levelmakers in our community and have them create a single level. The level is now finished and available from Moposite. This level is a musthave and is actually very fun to play. I have a tendensy to try stupid tricks when playing, so I haven´t even finished yet.. but I will, don´t worry about that 8))

Thanx to all the participants and especially thanx to BarTek for organizing this unique project 8))

If you feel like höyling the level and competing against others with the same desire, check out this mopolauta topic. Here people are announcing their times


The internal WR table is pretty silent at the moment. Only few new recs when the table is updated.. .BUT. ..I must direct your attention to Ramones Ziggy-time. First guy below1 min ... A truly insane time I must say. I really love those little surprised when you see a time and just think "DAMN"... they are so fun 8))

Congrats to Ramone on an incredible WR


The n00btable just got another Wr. Once again, we have Monzterman behind the keyboard. In a very impressive Enduro-ride he scores another point for his team and himself. Congrats to him 8)


Its been around a month since Raider in his last pile of recs for the OLP-list.. Check out the list and see just how many times he improved on this update. Several WR´s.. An incredible tt and some truly brilliant rides makes this pack very fun to watch the replays of 8))

Congrats to Raider with ... well, just congrats for being so damn good


Thats it for now 8)




17 march 2004 11.26

Hello there boys and girls.. Im helping GuyB update today and so behold the newest danish total time table, GuyB will shortly hereafter anounce some very breaking OLP news and other general stuff on the site so check back within the hour.



7 marts 2004 20.29

Last weekend a bunch of us met in aabenraa. There was some playing, some battling, some drinking, and some indoor peeing.... overall, alot of fun. For a more detailed report plz wait a few days until it has been finished. I would like to thank Petsen for taking the time to arrange the meeting. It was very enjoyable, and we all had alot of fun 8)..

While on the topic, a new meeting is in the works... Actually, much work has already been put into it, and Deisel is once again the man who pulls the string, and the place is Frederecia. The date is april 6 - april 9 .. tuesday to friday ... It will be long, it will be lol, and we will be alot of people.. 8)) . So, join #elma and speak with some people if you are interested in participating 8))


The Lost-table is updated with a single new time. Its driven by Monzterman who made a very good ride. Congrats to him 8))


The nOObtable is updated with quite many times. Monzterman and RaLaWo drove some very impressive times on this table. Monzterman is quickly approaching the 50 mins limit, but until then, let´s hope he breakes out more of these kind of times 8).. Congrats to them both


last, but not least, the internal table is updated. 2 VERY slesk times by J-sim shows just how he is. Congrats to him 8))




24 feb 2004 08.17

A few lists are updated. First of, check out the Internal multi table. A very nice new time by Zerox_cEp og Low_Lyn. Its always nice to see new coupples showing their skills on the multi-tables 8) .. Congrats to them both 


The OLP-levels is still very active. The two main kuskit on that table is Raider... since he owns the table, and Monzterman, who keeps showing skill and breaks times once in a while. By far Raider is the dominant force on the table, and this update just underlines that fact. New Dk-recs. New WRīs ... .. He simply pwns the table.. Congrats to them both, especially with the WR 8)))


A new kuski has shown up on the n00b table. With an impressive ride through the difficult headbanger, he takes his first rec. A huge congrats to him 8) .. We hope to see much more from you as the time goes by 


Also, as you can see in the vote below. WE WANT TO SEE BENOM AND BEASTIE THIS WEEKEND AT THE MEETING.

For those of you who donīt rellay know what I am talking about.. This weekend most of the danish elite is meeting at petsen for some elma and drinking.. Its gonne be fun, and we are all looking forward to it, so B and B.. 8) .. the people have spoken 8), now hear their plea




13 feb 2004 10.03

First of, a little notice... From time to time I get mails from people who wish to submit times for the lists found on this page. The problem is that the times are driven by kuskit who aren´t danes... So, to make it clear to everyone : All the lists in the box, headlined "Danish recordlists"

are for danish kuskit only.

The links in the box "WR recordlists (links)" are for all people, regardless of the country they are from. These lists are maintained by other people, and should be sent to them. NOT me

Vipers tt-upload is for all kuskit, regardless of their home-country.

The "Oldschool" and "Across-level" contests are for all people.




I have temporarely added another poll. Its mostly relevant for danish kuskit and concerns the presence of Venom and Beastie at the upcoming meeting.. or their lack thereof... So all danes are encouraged to vote, and Beastie and Venom are encouraged to follow the result 8) ... and remember guys.. there is no pressure.. no pressure at all 8))


The n00btable is updated with a few new cool times by RaLaWo. Pretty fast times makes an impressive addition to his already impressive tt, when you think of how short time he has been active 8)


I hereby foresee that the OLP-table will slowly undergo a change, so that Raider will be less dominant on the table 8) .. or something ... Anyway, the first time taken from him is done by Monzterman... Congrats to him with an impressive time.. and all you others out there .. Have a break from the Teamcup and take some OLP-times.. or do it while playing Teamcup ... 8))





3 feb 2004 20.15

A certain someone has a birthday today... I know that I often mention people here, and wish them happy birthday, but this time it´s a little different.

This day, four years ago. Elastomania was released. This day, four years ago it all began.

Only a handful of you were around the scene at that time, but whether you have been around the scene for a week, for a year, several years, since the release of elma or even before that one thing is certain. You are happy that the game was released... I know I am 8) ..

So, congrats elma.. you still rock


The old poll actually makes me think that you agree with me in the statement above. 2/3´s of you expect to be playing this game in a year. That you will still be around really makes me think that the scene will prevail for long time to come.. I love it 8)


A new poll has been put up. Not much to think about in the poll.. It´s been a long time since I intervieved someone, so I thought "Why not" and added some names. All the names are wellknown in the scene, so vote and choose who you think would be fun to read an interview with 8)






26 january 2004 30,36

A few days have passed and quite a few things has happened here.. lets start from the top

Before you read on .. I don´t know with that Raider.. It seems that his brake continues to be rather active 8) .. if you check the OLP-table you know what I mean ...


did you remember to check the OLP-table ??


The Teamcup is currently running at Kopakas site. A bunch of teams are battling to find out just how good they are.. The concept for the contest is somewhat new, and therefore interesting imo .. Plus.. RDk is doing ok 8) ..Congrats to team KC!1 who is in the lead ... I wonder who they are ( as in, what good players came together and formed this team 8)) )


One of the newest players in the danish scene... and also the youngest player here turned 12 yesterday.. Congrats to grunk ko .. we hope to see many more good results from you 8))


The Internallist is updated with a single new time.. alas, it was time for Sprocket to loose his DK-rec in Double Trouble.. With an insane ride J-sim scores one more for the hometeam... Congrats to him with yet another impressive rec 8)


The n00blist is once again updated.. This time the little fishy that could .. Fishen.. scores a sweet rec. Check the table to find out what level he mastered enough to be teh kuski in .. congrats to him with his first table-rec 8)


I hope you have checked the OLP-table now ... because ... Goddam that boy is sick ... A truly insane feat by this danish superstar.. Congrats to him by yet again showing just how one can play this game.. if he belongs to the worlds elite 8)


also the WR table is updated for that particular pack 8) .. check it out here.

congrats to ZenitH and Korppi with their new WR´s


Two new danish meetings are in the works. The first will be huge and will soon happen in aabanraa. from 27´th to 29´th february we will be höyling, drinking and having fun. Join #elma on quakenet for more info..

The second meeting that is in the works, is happening this easter.. few details are know by me atm, but I promis that I will share much more info later.. just as soon as I know more


A new dane sent me a pack of levels, and a wish for them to be published.. and 8)) .. here they are .. If you need something to do.. if you are too busy and need a brake.. if you want to try something new .. or .. .. try them 8)

All credits go to Clvn and norman for creating the levels and putting the pack together


Thats it for this update ..









14 january 2004 19.34

A boring thing first. Old news have been put under "old news".. jadda jadda jadda..

Riggers tt has been added on the Lost table. A very nice tt puts him on the table.. yet, the table also contains more interesting stuff. The höyling of the Lost levels have resultet in something much more presticious than dkrecs.. No less than 2 WR´s have been broken by Danes. A huge congratulations to Rigger and Jsim with their sweeeet times, both were improved quite a bit 8).


Alas, not everyone is playing the Lost levels. Sick Mambo still prefers the Internal table and his two new recs are proof that he definitly knows what he is doing in those levels 8) . A huge congrats to him with his new recs 8)


The n00btable is also updated with a single new time. Again RaLaWo shows his skills and makes a nice ride in What The Heck. congrats to him also 8)


As you may have seen work is being made to create an international meeting for all kuskis who want to participate. There is a thread on mopolauta, where the discussion is going on lively. Check it out, and share your opinion and thoughts and help to make this event happen 8)


The 158´th WR list on moposite contains quite an upset. Our favorite russian thought that it was time to take a few WR´s, so now he has 19 WR´s on a single table. This is the highest amount of WR´s ever held, by any person, on a single table. 3 great new times by him, and new times by jx and TorInge makes this an impressive new table. Insane times by all kuskit. Congrats to all of them 8)


The last weekend of February is in the sign of Elma. A bunch of people will head to aabenraa and play elmatournaments, multiplayer tournaments, drunken tournament and many other events. petsen is arranging the meeting, so if you are interested in participating, contact him or join #elma and speak to him or some other op. The price is around 20 kr, so it´s not that bad 8)




7 january 2004 22.29

And the last time this update 8) .. Congrats to Gizz with a sweet time in Lost 10 8)




7 january 2004 22.15

I have just added a new time to the Losttable. Zerox made his first "table"rec, so I had to put it up 8) .. Check the Lost table and see what a crazy ass time looks like in nr 44

Congrats to Zerox with this great time 8)




7 january 2004 21.06

Once again it´s time for an update. The battle still rages on in the Lost Internals. One person in particular is owning the table. By making one insane time after another Vandmand shows his skills in these levels. By owning almost half the table he completely dominates atm. Also a few new times on the table by RDK. His current tt is 54:01:44 . He ranks as nr 12 in the world with that tt. Congrats to him, and RDK with their new times 8).

Also, to satisfy the growing need for it 8), I have added a list with personal tt´s in the Lost levels. There aren´t that many yet, but I hope more will come 8)


The n00btable has been updated. RaLaWo impresses with breaking the old Curvrec with an impressive 0.01 sec 8), but seeing as the time already is quite fast, tnx to Kopaka, it becomes more impressive. Also B!zzy takes another rec, with a cool ride in Fruit in the den. Congrats to them both


The internals have been updated with a single new time. Mambo really doesn´t like to loose his times, and again he retaliates. This time he takes back Hiflyer, congrats to him 8)


Finally. Allthough Raider is taking a brake from the höyling, it doesn´t stop him from braking WR´s. A huge congrats to him for taking WR in OLP nr 12. 8))) ... Three cheers for that crazy Raider 8)







5 january 2004 21.27


As you can see I have gotten a new logo on my site. I thought that it was time to try something new, so I had Kopaka drawn one of his patented handdrawn pictures for me. I would like to thank him for doing so 8)


As I said last time, RDK would strike back on the Lost Internals list.. If you check the table you will se a further reduction in the tt with around 30 secs, and a few recs for the team 8). Maybe this will be the start of a renassaince for the Lost Internals 8)


The Totalslist is updated. The Battles are raging on at several places on the list. Viper_KillerGuy and Gizz are having fun around the 10´th place, with Viper currently in the lead. Also petsen and J-sim are having fun, congrats to J-sim who is now nr 2 in the danish TT-table. A truly remarkable achievement by him 8). All in all, congrats to everyone who improved their TT´s


The Wr table is updated with two new times. It seems that höyling on that table is a little more "human" these days. Still, two great new times on the table. Congrats to Niktata and Zweq with their new WRs 8)


Last year the community held an "Golden apple award" show, to pay tribute to people in the community who stood out in different ways. Talk about having one this year also is currently going on here. So go there, share your opinion and check out the latest developments






2 january 2004 20.20

I´m baaaack

Christmas is over.. New year is over...

All the fun stuff is over and the normal life is knocking.

I have had a wonder vacation; An exiting christmas back home, and a wonderful new years eve with family and friends.. I hope that you all had fun too.. With that, welcome to 2004


First of, the rumours a while ago, of which I think I wrote, that EMA was doing something serious to the Lost Internal list was true.. They have taken EVERY SINGLE RECORD on the list.. This accomplishment is truly awesome and underlines just how good the team is. Check out the list and gaze upon skill 8)... They have improvement just below 2 mins on the tt

Congrats are indeed in order 8) ... .. alas.. though they broke every record on the list, as you can see... Kopaka also knows how to play lost internals.. A single little thorn in the eye can be found somewhere on the list 8).. nice der kop 8))


oh, btw.. Be ready to see RDK strike back some time in the near future 8))


Also, while speaking of EMA, a new person has joined the team. That new person is none other than Sick Mambo. Belonging to the absolutely best of the best in Denmark, Sick Mambo has, to date, always been without a team. He has done extremely well with no support of a team, and even won the DK-cup on his own. Now he has joined EMA, and helped them out with accomplishing the feat that I mentioned above. I hope to see much more from Mambo and EMA, and I think that most of you do the same.. .. ..GoGo Frederecia Allstars 8))


Even more exiting news. RalaWo and Raider took a multiplayer OLP-WR. I am not certain whether or not the list is still updated, but they broke the time with 2 secs, so I think that we can be sure that the time is WR. RaLaWo, who is Raiders protege is really making a name for himself, and that is damn nice to see. Congrats to them both 8))


The Internallist is updated. With this update there has been 150 lists with internal times since the very first update. Much time has passed and many improvements have taken place. With this update two new times are on the list. Both are with small improvements, but if one thinks of the amount of time the levels have been höyled already, the improvements show just how impressive they are. Congrats to both kuskit with their new recs




I have more to update, but my head hurts, so the rest will be up tomorrow 8)







22 december 2003 20.06

Christmas is coming and snow is falling 8). I will be leaving tomorrow for home, and will probably be away the rest of the year. With that said I want to wish you all a merry christmas and a happy new year. I want to thank each and everyone of you for making the scene what it is and for visiting my site. Bless you all


The lost table is still active, and from what I have heard, it will be at least a while longer. This time Monzterman broke a new time 8). Congrats to him with a very nice time


Viper is still going strong and has expanded his work to a "ratemyrec" also. Check it out. Upload some nice recs, download some even more impressive recs.. I really wish to thank Viper_KillerGuy. He provides a free server for the homepage. He makes huges efforts to help the community ( ratemyrec, ratemylev.. stuff on moposite ect ) and he is active and cool guy on IRC and in real life. For all that. Thank you 8)


.. Merry christmas everyone

oh, btw.. Rigger also wishes to wish everyone in the scene, and everyone he knows, a merry christmas, so now the message has been delivered



15 december 2003 22.02

First of, a few new times by Monzterman, Vandmanden and Rigger on the Lost Levels table. At the moment the table is actually pretty active, and that is indeed nice to see 8) . There are some cool levels in that pack, so its nice to see some höyled recs in them 8)


Monzterman also played a little multi with one of his friends, and broke an OLP-multi time. congrats to them both 8)


More about Monzterman 8) .. this is almost an monzterman-exclusive update 8) .. Today he turns 19, so an congratulations is definitly in order. This cool guy is very active and definitly gives some work for my page 8) .. Congrats Monz 8)


Mambo and Rigger are battling quite alot at the moment on the internal table. Yesterday you saw that Rigger had taken back Sink. Rigger is still in the lead in that level, but both of them are now under 33 secs. This is truly insane.. to do below 33 is really world class driving. I am looking forward to see if they will continue to battle. Also Hooked is used in their battle. This update shows that Mambo rules the level at the moment. Breaking Riggers time with 9 hundreds, Mambo now has the record. Congrats to him with yet another world class time. 8)





14 december 2003 20.22

Have I got a few treats for you.

First things first : One new time on the internal table, but what a time. The little battle that was going on in Sink resulted in a insanely fast time by Rigger. I have a feeling that Mambo will have his work cut out for him, should he choose to continue the battle 8) .. Congrats to rigger with that time


Secondly : If you consider yourself a true elma fanatic then you will definitly appreciate this. Balazs Rözsa has opened a online gif-shop with elastomania merchandise 8) .. You can now buy everything from mouse mats to mugs and sweat shirts. Go here and buy your stuff. At least one of these things are a must-have if you plan to show up at the next elma-meeting, whenever that will be held 8)

Vipers levelsite is looking quite popular, and has many levels in its database, so if you haven´t already seen it go here and check all the levels 8), some really cool ones can be found there 8)


The n00btable is updated 8) . Being the most active table, I couldn´t leave it out when I updated, and thanx to RaLaWo and B!zzy I don´t have to. RaLaWo is still playing What The Heck and B!zzy wanted his rec in Long Haul back from Monzterman, who took it from him 8). He took it back quite convincingly I must admit 8) .. Congrats to them both, excellent rides guys







10 december 2003 20.09

Putting his programming-abilities to work, to help the elma-community Viper_KillerGuy once again made a very useful feature. An interactive level-upload-grading-system on his server. On the site you can register and upload levels, for people to test and rate. Check it out right here and check the mopolauta topic here


The internal table has again recieved some attention. This time three people had sent in times. two of them were taken with a few hundreds.. Those supa-höyla levels only get beaten with a few hundreds when they are beaten. Congrats to Rigger and Mambo with improving 2 already insane times 8) .. I guess you´ll see Rigger retaliate soon .. From taking the rec a few years back, and until now, he has taken it back.. sometimes after short periods of time, sometimes after longer .. every time he has lost it.. so be ready to see the level go below 33 soon 8) .. Also A very nice Hooked-time by him 8) .. Congrats to them both 8)..

The third new time is worth some more attention. For the second time in Sprockets carrier, he has taken a DK-rec. This time he has made a 1 second improvement, just to be safe. A very sweet ride gives him a well-deserved second DK-rec. Congrats to him 8)


The lost internals have been updated with a coupple of new times. Kopaka didn´t like that Gizz had taken one of his recs, so hi took it back. Plus a new level 8). Congrats to him 8)


The internal multiplayerlist has also been updated with new times. Plenty of them actually. Especially congrats to RaLaWo who appears on a bunch of the recs 8). Very cool to see his name on some more recs 8).. Congrats to all with new times on the list


Last weekend the danish elma-capital was pwned by most of the danish elite. From jutland came j-sim and petsen.From frederecia were Sick Mambo, Viper_KillerGuy, Ralawo, Raider, Magic x Bear, Vandmanden, Gizz and among others. I met up with people at a disco and said hello 8 ) .. All were there to drink and catch up, and everyone had fun 8) ..

Frederecia pwns





7 december 2003 22.33

The n00b-list is recieving much attention these day, and at the moment a little battle is raging on long haul. With an impressive improvement, Monzterman took the lead. Congrats to him. Also welcome to RaLaWo who took his first rec. He made a cool ride in What the Heck and thereby showed his skills to all of the danish scene. welcome to him 8)


Monzterman is still höyling the OLP-levels and once again he has something to show for his efforts. Another two recs for him on the table 8) .. Congrats to him


Petsen has been playing alot of Freefall lately, and his new DK-rec shows just how much he pwns that level 8) . Another outstanding time from petsen gives rdk on of their recs back 8). Congrats to him 8)






4 december 2003 21.05

The internal list has been updated with a single new time. The internal table hasn´t recieved much attention lately, but Rigger thought that it was bout time to change that. Check the list to see what level he found interesting 8) . Congrats to him with another excellent time in the internal tabel


As I wrote a few days ago, the domain www.elastomania.dk was soon to be associated with my page, and now it is. From now on the offical address for this page is www.elastomania.dk 8)




1 december 2003 20.03

The n00b-table has once again been updated. The table is actually the most active table these days 8). Its great to see newcomers showing that their skills are developing. This time we have a single time from B!zzy. A nice ride in Long haul have him a n00b-DK .. Congrats to him 8)


The OLP-multi and single tables have been updated. It has been a long time since they were updated the last time, but Monzterman thought that the tables needed some activity, so he made new times 8). Check out the tables and see what he was able to pull of

Congrats to him 8)


The danish total table is updated. A bunch of new times, mainly from the middle and downwards. It seems that most of the top is taking a little internal break 8). Some very nice improvements by Zerox, Kopaka, ener and B!zzy. Also welcome to Fishen who joined the table as nr 30, with a tt around 55 mins. 8)


The WR table has been updated with some new times. Maybe you remember that I said a little while ago, that I guessed that Labby pro would go below 2.20 soon .. Well. .. For get what I said.. try asking if it will go below 2.15 soon 8P .. DarMoeD took WR with 2.17.13... I have nothing to say.. its insane. also congrats to Karlis who took back FreeFall.. that WR belongs to him 8)


Team EMA has undergone a change since last update. Jalli and Totti have left the team and joined team ICE, who also count the extremely talented kuski, Cloud 8) .. This means that EMA is solely a danish team now. We hope to see more from them, when they start to play more again 8))