It all started a very long time ago. One of my friends had been at a netmeeting where someone had shown him a game. He didn´t know the name of the game, but it was something about a motorbike, apples and a flower. The folder was called "Wild Game".

Jelle, my friend, showed the game to me and another friend called Mr PPP. We got the game on a disk and took it home.. At first it didn´t appeal that much to me, but Jelle and mr PPP were hooked. In school we had a computer-class and Jelle and mr PPP started to make a homepage, which later became the official danish action-supercross homepage. This was back in 99. 

Hearing Jelle and Mr PPP talk about the game all the time got me hooked on the game little by little, but by then they were both way better than me. While they constructed the page, we also found out that there were W-rec-tables on the net. When we first saw the times we were truly amased. And when we later saw the old KGB-replays we were blown away. Words like .. WHAT THE F..K .,. HOW THE HELL .;: THATS IMPOSSIBLE, and other variations were used quite frequently that day.

The page came up, and I never got any recs  8( .  This wasn´t very motivating for my playing, but then elma came out. The three of us bought a license and installed a copy each. Other people in denmark also started to send in times for the action supercross rec-list and the newly created elastomania rec-table. JELLE and Mr PPP, who dominated the list quickly got good times in the old levels, but I started gettings recs in the new levels, and I was hooked on the game once again. My first rec was SINK and I was very exited.

I showed the game to all my friends and some of them also got hooked on the game. The ones that got hooked, and I desided to form a team, like all the good players. We desided to call it RDK, ( riderfriends denmark ) and in the team was Flew, Mindsurf; Banaghomie and GuyBrush. Later on Rigger joined. We all had danish recs, and all was good.

Later on Mr PPP and JELLE got tired of the game, and a new player entered the danish scene. His nick was RAIDER. At first he took a few recs, like other new players on the danish scene, but he continued to break times, and quickly he dominated the table, having almost all the recs. ( he still dominates ). Some of the members in RDK got tired of the game, and nowadays only Rigger; GuyB and Mindsurf plays.  When JELLE and Mr PPP stopped playing I, little by little, took over the danish page, and a while back, I made a new one ( the one u are on now  8)  ).

Now its 2001, and I still play the game. I play internals, battles, cups, externals..everything I can get my hands on  8) .Im hosting the Dk-cup, were making elmameetings.... I love the game and everything that follows with it.   #across , moposite, #elma ( danish channel ) ( lots of cool people there ) mopoluta, kuskis .höyling... in short everything..

So if you see me in #across, #elma or feel free to talk to me  8)


GuyB   ( formerly known as GuyBrusH )