All over the world people are playing Elastomania, and all through the web pages are located.

Here are some of the most important links to pages found the net, concerning elma.

Danish links

Sprockets elastomania site Biggest collection of replays on the net, ranging from newbie, over average and to excellent
Raiders hjemmeside. Private homepage for the best danish kuski. Havenīt been updated for ages though
Gizmos side.                           Gizzīs own page, with own times, replays and links
Viper Killerguyīs hjemmeside. Site belonging to the selfproclaimed first danish across-player
Danish Interactive Totalssite  Site with the most up-to-date list of individual times and ttīs for both internal and OLP, restricted to danish users though
level guide                                                 Page with text and pictures, guiding you through the levels 
Team Elasto                                             Danes with levels and times 
team RDK                                               The RDK-teampage ( My team ) ..

Spetzlers homepage with a section devoted to elastomania and his levels
Toasters elma site                             The home of one of denmarks finest level-makers, with levels, monthly contests and a lot more
Kopakas elasto-site A new site, made by Kopaka .. Check it out
team cEp Home of team cEp, with member info, times and a few funny replays
Magic_x_Bears site Home of Magic x Bear.. The funniest GNU in denmark
team EMA teampage for a very good team with very good danish members
Raiders fansite Fansite for the best danish kuskit
petsens elmasite petsenīs own private elmasite
Riggers homepage Riggers new homepage. With times, wcup-results for danes ect
Team QUACK Team QUACK has some of dkīs new and skillful kuskit in their team

International rectables

Australian site Site containing australian rec table
Swedish elma site One of the best countries in the world. ( Jeppe helps )
Slovak records cool site with slovakian records. unfortunately not in english
Polish records polish records, also not in english 
Czech records Extremely good site by TonyLee, with czech rectable
semi-n00b WR table WR table for people with a tt higher than 45 mins
n00b WR table WR table for people with a tt higher than 50 mins


Wcup links

Old wcup sites Containing everything you need to know about the old wcups
Wcup04 mainpage The main page containing everything you need for wucp-related stuff
Wcup04 danish results Maintaned by Toaster, site containg info on danish kuskit results in wcup
Tour de elastomania By mrickx, very cool .. Times accumulated for every driver in every round



Other elmalinks

Official site The Original elastomania and across site. here you can buy the game
Moposite By pexi and Abula. The biggest site on the net, with everything a kuski could ever dream of
TB - Team Black Very good team, home of Jeppe
Mopocorner Home of the ALP-WRtable. One of the best contests around
Dzīs personal elmasite Personal homepage of one of the most talented kuskit
DarMoeDīs elmasite Home of the Nr 1 TT in the world. Has a very cool contest and lots of info 
REMīs teamsite ( offline atm )  Best team in the world, with some very cool people. Cool contest
FM ( offline atm )  Home of FM, the oldest and one of the best teams in the world. 
Dzīs fansite Dedicated fansite for DZ, the ultimate kuski
EMīs teampage ( offline atm )  Home of EM, cool contest, cool times, and very cool players 
Ciphs site ( offline atm )  Ciphs personal elmasite.. good contest and really nice guy
Skintors levels One of the most famous contests around. Excellent levels
psyīs elmasite Home of psy.. A legend in the elmaworld
Mini Elma Very fun contest with miniversions of the internal
Evilsite Has, among other things, lost internal top 5
     ŋ One of the best teams in the world
TEA Hungarian elmateam. extremely talented group of kuskit. Home of MGEN
MickOrīs lasto page Australians most talented kuski has a personal homepage.. right here.. with times and contest
JAPS Cool site with a very cool contest
HK Teamsite by MozMan. Cool contests and excellent design makes this a site a must-see
nemoīs site Famous contest in a cool site
PoP Nice team with cool times
PeG Designer team founded by Toaster. If you like the level-editor, this is the place for you
Team TTT Very skilled team with a cool contest
Devins elmapage Nice site by new american kuski. Cool levels and fun replays-section
Protomans elmacontest Nice contest by new finnish player
Russian elma-portal Russian elma-portal.. Worth checking regularly
Dodgymans elmasite Cool contest by Dodgyman. Many cool levels 8) Huge new site with tons of everything.. definitly worth checking out

If you have a link and would like to have it posted here, send me a mail with the address and i will post it..

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