We have the game, but we want more .. Look no further, here is everything to satisfy your elma-needs

ElmaConf12 patch, final version ::: Including alovolt, vcrstyle replay-watching, replay merge, fast menu navigation, levelpack function and a lot more. The most important patch for elma



Serious stuff

Fun stuff


Advanced level editor ELMASHOOTER Elmashooter by VIBI


*.doc     *.txt


How to elma, by Vandmand[EMA]
text replacer  

You can change text in elma with one, the messages given to you from the game

  Greeting Greeting to danish kuskit by Ciph[EM]

The 36 OLP levels in one zipfile

Greeting 2 Greeting by Krychek

Level name changer, change level names

Greeting 3

text containing words spoken by Abula

Abula speaks, and SINGS

Bartek sing/speak


Bartek speaking and singing
Lost levels The 54 Lost levels in one zipfile Guess that level contest     Solution Contest by MUe about recognizing levels from small pistures of parts of them.
Level stats The program makes a stats.txt of external levels Headbanger rec Headbanger driven a very funny way ( By DarMoeD ) 
Total Olp Calculates total for the Olp levels Danish kuskit The participants in danish elmameeting 2002

Target Times


Textdocument showing you how good your times are in the internal levels

First danish table The times from the fist danish elmatable in a xls-table
Target Times OLP  

Textdocument showing you how good your times are in the OLP-levels

Kuski Doll Fun program made by Mgen, shake that kuski around

Replaces properties in internal levels, sky in headbanger, or bricks in warm up ect.

Article     Translated Rigger in an article in a newspaper.. Translated version available

Insert times in this document, and see difference from w-recs on graph, in % and in decimal numbers  .. brilliant  ( requires excel )

OLP replay pack This is a pack of high-quality replay driven in OLP. Driven by NphoBiaz
average counter  

Calculates the average time in a level ( from your top 10 ) 

Interview with DMD Kuskiinterview with DarMoeD
LRG Loader program to easily control your LGR-files Old version of 1.11h old version.. BE ADVICED.. BETA VERSION
The  elastomania slot machine A little elma slot machine of my own creation Interview with Balazs Interview with the creator of elastomania Balazs Rozsa 

( 08/12-2002 )

Interview with Magic_x_Bear in danish Winner of poll in december 2002 

"interview with danish 50+ tt kuski" danish version

Interview with Magic_x_Bear in english Winner of poll in december 2002 

"interview with danish 50+ tt kuski" english version


GuyB and Rigger soundfile

GuyB and Rigger text

Our voices speach and the txt


lyrics ( hungarian and english )

Tomcat[TEA] singing the elmasong in hungarian. He wrote the song himself 8)

more stuff to come

if you know of a program, or something else that you think would look nice here, send it to me along with a description of what it is and what it does, and I will put it up here.